/klenz/: to make thoroughly clean


Very few activities are designed to improve your overall sense of well-being like cleansing. GOODLife Cleanse programs offer the most nutrient rich hydraulically pressed raw juices to support your body while your digestive system rests and revitalizes. One 16oz bottle of GOODLife Juices will saturate your gut with over two pounds of specially selected organic fruits and vegetables. While increasing the supply of essential enzymes and vitamins, GOODLife Juices promote a deeper detoxification and recovery of vital organs.

Our bodies are designed to detoxify naturally, yet our food choices and the toxicity of our environment often inhibit detoxification. The results of the Cleanse are highly individual; yet you can be assured that you will feel a new sense of energy, clearer mind, a reduction in cravings (sugar and caffeine), and a glow to your skin. 

Always check with your doctor if you are on medication or have a chronic disease. It is not suggested to cleanse while pregnant.

Three Days Prior to Cleanse:

We strongly suggest that you schedule your cleanse so that you can consciously prepare beforehand and regroup upon completion. The quality of your cleanse experience as well your ability to maintain better eating habits will depend on your willingness to “show up for yourself” during this process.

  • Plan your meals and purchase them ahead of time.
  • Eliminate dairy, red meat and eggs. Cut out sweets, chips, processed snack bars, and drive-thru dining (which includes grabbing a soda or caffeinated beverage).
  • Avoid buying anything at the store that is packaged or processed. If it isn’t at home, it can’t tempt you in a moment of weakness.
  • Eat three meals per day. Eat lots fruits and vegetables. Carry them with you as snacks.
  • Drink a lot of water. Commit to carrying water with you.


During the Cleanse

Begin your day drinking warm green tea* with lemon or warm water with the juice of one lemon. Drink the juices in the order of which they come numbered. Drink one 16oz juice every two hours. You should drink the last juice approximately two hours before bedtime. A daily program of six 16oz bottles of GOODLife Juices is approximately 1200 calories.

*The amount of antioxidants in green tea outweighs the minimum caffeine content.


Alcohol, carbonated beverages, smoking, and caffeine.

Seek out:

Water. Continue to drink plenty of water. Repeat after me, “Drink plenty of water.” Also encourage your body to move!

Suggestions to aid elimination:      

  • Castor oil - 2 tablespoons before bedtime        
  • Quality Probiotic - maintains level of good bacteria in your body       
  • Senna Herbal Tea - natural laxative
  • Gentle exercise, walking, or yoga - helps your lymph system remove toxins

You may feel more energetic during your cleanse, so enjoy physical activity, but don’t overdo it. Don’t forget to talk, breathe, and use your social network for support. Celebrate and share your experience! Talk to others about your Cleanse. Ask a friend to join you in his or her own Cleanse. Post updates on Facebook and Twitter. Use your phone to snap a picture of yourself each day to refer to later.

Signs of Detoxification

  • Your body will be releasing toxins and creating a more neutral pH environment.
  • Headaches and nervousness are symptoms of caffeine detox.
  • Body odor, coated tongue and skin breakouts are symptoms of fat and Protein detox.
  • You will feel a bit tired, sometimes by early afternoon, maybe choosing to go to bed earlier in the evening.
  • It would be unusual if you didn’t miss chewing! If absolutely necessary, chew soaked raw nuts, or low sugar fruits. (Celery is a nice option, as it will offer a crispy crunchy solution while reducing some anxiety you feel)

After Cleanse

Gradually reincorporate solid foods (start with easier to digest fruits and vegetables the first day after your cleanse, progress to whole grains, and finally start reincorporating the harder to digest dairy and meats). 

Strive to maintain healthy habits (keep refraining from consuming caffeine, alcohol, sugar etc. or reduce your intake of these substances).